Vet School Bound provides the most current information on veterinary school costs, strategies to save money when applying, and helpful tools for pre-veterinary students as they embark on a career in veterinary medicine.

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The Apply Smarter presentation educates pre-veterinary students on how to best manage the growing cost of veterinary school.

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The Apply Smarter Message Board is a helpful forum for pre-veterinary students to discuss applying to veterinary school, and learn more about careers in veterinary medicine.

The VIN Foundation Cost of Education Map provides realistic information on what it costs to attend veterinary school.



Still deciding if veterinary medicine is the right fit for you? Learn more about becoming a veterinarian and what veterinary life is like at

Many other factors should go into choosing your veterinary school.


  • Do you want to be close to home, live somewhere new or is location not a deciding factor for you?
  • Is the focus of the school — research programs, emphasis on production medicine, flexible curriculum, etc. – important to you?
  • Is instruction primarily lecture or problem based learning?
  • Are the class sizes relatively large or small? Learn more.
  • Are clinical rotations onsite or will you be sent to local veterinary clinics for clinical training?