Many factors go into choosing a veterinary school


For some students, its important to be close to home; others way want to live somewhere completely different. There are also students who care less about the location and more about the focus of the school-is it known for its research programs, focus on production medicine, flexible curriculum? These are both important things to consider, but other factors such as cost, prerequisites, class size, etc should also play a role.


New veterinarians with less loan debt have a head start. A lighter loan burden translates into more financial flexibility, and increased possibilities. Recent grads may be able to pursue an internship or residency, or even take a new job in their dream location without worrying as much about meeting the minimum requirements to pay back their loans. Yes, your vet school experience is important, but the rest-of-your-life experience is even more so!


The Vet School Bound has put together resourceful videos and informational maps to help you prepare for veterinary school. As always, our door is open for feedback, comments, or suggestions.